Color Of The Year. I’m Brokenhearted.


Pantone just announced the Color of the Year for 2014, and it’s . . . pinky purple. I mean Radiant Orchid, or speaking technically: PANTONE 18-3224. I’m broken-hearted, because Emerald (the 2013 color) and I are getting along famously and I don’t want to break up just yet. I don’t love Radiant Orchid.

I must sound like a serious Scrooge, because the Pantone people claim that Radiant Orchid “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” And I am all about joy, love and health!

I don’t take this whole color of the year thing too seriously, as I wear a small color palette and can always find something I like. And I shop frequently at thrift and consignments stores, so I am buying the Colors of Years Gone By.

But does this mean my favorite shops and online catalogs will be brimming with purpled-pink for the next twelve moths? Sheets, coffee cups, iPad holders, rain boots? Eye shadow, cars, lamps, and curtains? Shudder.

Here are some small ways I might play with the newly annointed color:

Awesome socks. Source.

All kinds of fab nail colors.
A whisper of Radiant Orchid on a great pair of specs. Source.
Gorgeous vintage brooch. Source.

What’s your reaction to Radiant Orchid? Does it make you feel radiant?

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, and splash our faces. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, December 16th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Ruh-roh. I'm conflicted. I'm weirdly attracted to this color (and not just 'cause I thrifted a sweater for $4 in this color before I knew it won an award heh) and also oddly repelled by it. Luckily, my shopping sabbatical takes the decision whether to purple up – or throw up – outta my hands 🙂

  2. I would look like death warmed over in Radiant Orchid. Arrrgh! I often wonder who actually is the person who comes up with the Color of the Year and how many people are mindless enough to just follow along. In the case of clothing in particular, I would never go by their color selection and would hope that most women (at least those Not Dead Yet) know by our age what color we look best in, regardless of the Color of the Year. 🙂

  3. I think it's a fun color, but totally, totally not me.

    I own one pink shirt. I'm more of an orange/red kind of lady. Or purple/blue.

    Eh whatever floats their boat. I shop thrift stores anyway and have a happy full rainbow at my fingertips.

  4. I sort of had a flashback to the dreaded MAUVE when i saw it–but being the color person that I am, I will make friends with it I'm sure. Xoxo

  5. It's just another colour! It's pretty, and it's no harder to wear, or like, than any other. The notion that is fashionable or trendy is hilarious, of course. Those that like pink will carry on liking it, those that don't, won't. No biggie. As Krista said, vive la diffence! xxxx

  6. Why do they always have to make up something? This is magenta. And lots of people can't wear it.

    I so loved emerald. I think everyone can wear that.

    I'm going to be like you I think and wear it in smaller accessories. I already have a few things in this colour (a bit richer and darker) and that is probably enough for me.


  7. I like this colour – but I am averse to wearing anything trendy, so if it is the colour of the year I am not likely to wear it unless I thrift something in this colour. I think I am full of beguiling charm without it.

  8. Um, no. Blue pinks look horrible on me, and I don't like them in my decor either. I'm a tomato red, periwinkle, green and yellow girl.

  9. This is not a color that I tend to go for. It looks good on brunettes and black hair beauties…which I am ;D) but still, the color is a bit much…even for me. m.b.

  10. Well, clearly I'm the unpopular opinion here. I adore it. Emerald was lovely as well, but I didn't much get into it because my go-to palette is black, gray, and purples. I think it *may* be a little hard to incorporate without reading too young, but there is a lot of potential fun to be had in terms of nails, lipsticks, scarves, and handbags.

  11. Guess I shouldn't have gotten rid if the skirt/sweater combo that was 10 years old in that color. Some thrift shopper will be crowing over that find.

  12. This was one of my favorite design colors for Barbie dolls. I'm actually happy about this one for work reasons. My boss is anti-purple/lavender/blue cast pinks. MAYBE he will accept this into our very limited palette for panty prints. Then again, no Emerald Green was attempted last year.
    Will I wear this? Sure!

    ps: This whole "Color of the Year" is marketing genius on Pantone's part. Fifteen years ago, no one knew of Pantone unless you worked in Design. Now it's a "thing".

  13. Yeah, that's not one of my favorite colors either. Now, if it were a few shades deeper I could wear it, but whatevs. Since my clothes-buying for the coming year is going to be totally determined by my very restricted shopping plan anyway I will be happy to let this one slide (and keep wearing the excellent greens that I acquired this year).

  14. Mm, looks more pink to me. I've started wearing the occasional hot pink – especially after reading that it makes a person look younger. 🙂 And I have a great hot pink puffy winter jacket that really cheers me up when all I can see is a sea of black coats. But I'm more inclined to do plum/purple accessories and such over magenta and pink. I don't much care what the colour authorities forecast, but it will be interesting to see how the colour is interpreted in the marketplace. Can't see the car manufacturers churning out magenta cars, can you?

  15. this color would be great for your skin tone- I'm already a big fan of that color –


  16. I would not wear it head to toe, but for spring and summer I like it a lot better than a like pastel. I could see me accessorized with it or maybe even a jacket…but I do agree it is difficult to see any color over and over again at all of the retailers. I for sure would not use it in home decor.

  17. I am rather fond of this colour in moderation, perhaps a scarf. I do find it joyful.

  18. Eeeks! This is the colour that makes me look like I'm suffering from something contagious! In my younger years, it made me look splotchy. I have a feeling this colour and I will never get along 🙂 I'll stick to the colours I always wear – blues and teals, mostly. But I do like that brooch.

  19. I love it to bits but this from a gal who can't stand any earth tones. I think color is as individual as our tastes in music and that's ok with me. I'm happy we all like different stuff.

  20. I like it, especially for nail polish. But I don't remember seeing all that much emerald green last year. Does this really have any impact? I think Pantone has let all this attention go to their head – they're not the boss of me.

  21. I kinda like this color. Not so sure it will like me!!! I still am loving emerald and cobalt

  22. Enh. Meh. That's my reaction to this year's, and pretty much any year's "color of the year." I don't wear a whole lot of color, but I think this will be a difficult color for most people to wear or incorporate into their wardrobes.

  23. Yes, it means will we see this colour everywhere, but then we are still seeing orange, or rather tangerine tango, everywhere too so I am sure emerald green will stick around awhile. How did cobalt blue sneak in? Did Pantone call that one? Anyhow, I'm with you. I don't love this new colour. I am not sure I even like it. Maybe for toenails.

  24. What ever happened to competition? I should think that if one company declares that pinky-purple is the new hot colour, a bunch of other companies would declare that the opposite or complementary bright lime-greenish would be equally plentiful. Now THAT's a colour I could sink my teeth into. Do they have secret corporate colour cabals?

  25. So funny. I was driving in the car listening to NPR when I heard this so when I got home I went to look it up and hello! My toenails are radiant orchid! I'm so on trend…at least under my socks! Hmmm…I thought the color was going to be cobalt!

  26. I love it … but I don't think the world is going to drop everything for this one, but then again, it's a shade that would appeal to those who adore both pink and purple.

  27. I haven't got around to Emerald yet, so I doubt I will get around to this colour either 🙂

    Not that I'm dramatic or anything. 🙂 I am always relieved to be off-trend, and happily look forward to not-buying anything this colour!

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