I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Beatrix Ost

I’m smitten with this woman’s style. Beatrix Ost is an author, artist, film producer, screenwriter, actress, and muse to designers The Row (the Olsen twins’ company). She has also modeled, and
is an expert skier and gourmet cook. Born in Germany at the start of World War II, she now lives in Virginia and New
York City.

Beatrix’s passion was always art, and she comes from a long line of artists. “Art was our religion,” she says of her family. See some of her paintings, and read her short essay about the passage of time here.

She starting dyeing her hair blue ten years ago, when “it got a little too gray for my taste.” Her trademark lipstick and nail polish are deepest magenta.  She favors statement jewelry, including two rings of her own design: twigs that wrap around her fingers up
to the first knuckle. Love these:


As a younger woman. The velvet coat is a work of art! Wonderful hat too. Source.

Although her hair is blue, Beatrix is hardly a “blue-hair”. She’s still writing and creating, and her memoirs have been commissioned for a film, More Than Everything.  (Her books include My Father’s House: A Childhood In Wartime Bavaria.) Set in Germany during World War II, the movie will be about Beatrix’s family’s role in helping others escape the Nazi

With her husband, Ludwig Kuttner, in NYC in 2011. Source.

Fabulous headwear, and statement jewelry. And the deep red lips, her signature.

Beatrix is a practicing Buddhist, she says. This mosaic is in the bath of her New York City apartment. Very peaceful and positive.


When asked her attitude about growing older, she has said “Life is such a gift. You just go for it”. Brava to her, I wouldn’t mind being like Beatrix when I grow up.

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  1. Thanks for introducing Beatrix to us. What an inspiration! I am reminded yet again that so many older women are vibrant, exciting, and inspirational.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Patti! A beautiful post for the day. Beatrix is a true inspiration.

  3. She's a stunning woman – the dress she's wearing in the photo with her husband is beautiful, she certainly has wonderful style. xxx

  4. Wow Patti thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing lady – what a stunning woman!! I've just Pinned loads of pictures of her – I love the last one of her in the yellow turban. Goes to prove how women CAN improve with age – not just men! So inspirational…

    Catherine x

  5. Thanks you for sharing suchna fabulous lady with us!! I'm off to check her out more!!

  6. I saw a short film on her and her family. Incredible story and quite the characters.


  7. I've never heard of her before. I must read that essay, and then Google her for lots more info.

  8. Isn't she fabulous??? I've been a fan of hers from the moment I first discovered her. Love this post. Do you ever think we'll have the courage to dye our hair blue???

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