Passion Is Energy. What’s Yours, Fashion Or Other?


Finding and pursuing our passions is a mainstay of overall life happiness. We’re not all fortunate enough to find passion in our “daily jobs,” although some of us have had the privilege of getting paid to do what we love. Many find our passions on the side, through hobbies, friends, media, our home towns, or our closets.

Passions change throughout our lifetime, of course. I think rollerskating in the driveway was my first passion, and you could not get me out of my old-fashioned metal skates when I was seven years old. I was crazy for disco in the late 70s, and had the wardrobe to show it. While not crafty nor very talented, I did have a time of sewing my own clothing,  and collecting 1940’s clothing. I still appreciate all these things, including disco, but I can’t say that I have a running passion for them.

My modern passions are: 1) volunteering at the cat thrift, and 2) learning to sing. Oh yes, and 3) making my blog more professional, as inspired by Sylvia of 40+ style.

Besides the pleasure of working alongside cool animal-loving friends at the thrift shop, here are some of the fabulous scores I have picked up while working there  (I do pay for them but still find great deals):

pics here

My voice lessons are challenging, and I’m embarrassed to say, kind of thrilling. I always could carry a tune, but now I am finding power in my voice and an extended range. I also have a wonderful teacher, an openly gay man who is music director at the Presbyterian Church. It gives me joy to see churches expand their reach and become more inclusive.

As for my blog, I will soon be transferring to WordPress, with my own domain. Nothing should change for you, dear readers, but I will be experimenting with new options for presenting my stuff. I am ever grateful for you reading it! I may also be trying out new sponsors. I hope you don’t mind, and you never have to click, but in retirement it’s lovely to pick up a few extra dollars. I will only promote companies I believe do ethical business, and whose offerings I would use.

Now, I would love to hear what your passions are, whether style-related, home-centered, cultural, blog-ish, or otherwise. What puts a smile on your face and a hop in your step?

Stay fabulous,

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