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I love old style and fashion books. I have a small collection and it’s fun to browse through them, to see what’s changed and what stays the same. My latest, Clothes Sense by Barbara Weiland and Leslie Wood, wasn’t revolutionary. It’s got that strong 80’s “capsule wardrobe” orientation: just buy two suits and three blouses and you’re all set.

But there’s always a nugget in a fashion book, that offers a new idea for me. Chapter 8 is about color, heavy emphasis on wearing your “season.” These “facts about color” though are timeless and helpful for the modern women:

  • Color is the first thing your eye sees.
  • Color is free with every garment you buy. Buying the best color costs no more than buying a not-so-great one.

With that in mind, I am more colorful today than usual. I’ve got my basic khaki trousers (similar) and black cotton tank (sim). I tossed on this long fuchsia duster, swapped at the Vancouver Blogger Meetup from Melanie, I think. I was in a Vancouver mood so I added my cool bead necklace designed by Suzanne.

And newly thrifted white sandals (sim) – I am on the fence about them. Here they almost scream out: “I’m an older woman!” But in other wearings, they look cool.



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