What I Saw: NYC Street Style

One of the most pleasurable pastimes while in NYC is observing street style. I can sit in a coffee shop and watch the fashionable men and women stream by. That doesn’t happen much on my own turf, no offense to my charming hometown.

I barely ventured above 14th Street (just to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology) so what I saw can be called Downtown (but not Wall Street) Style. Not many suits or Chanel anythings, but lots of fresh and creative outfits.

Here are some of the standouts:

  • Cropped pants with boots. Both slim and wide-legged trousers were more visible this year, cropped at the ankle to show off fabulous booties. Some plaids too:
Lots of this look, Downtown Style.
  • Skinnies are still the jean of the moment, though the lady-mags tell us wide legged and boot-cut jeans are making a revival. Lots of black leggings too, under dresses and long sweaters. Hello 1980’s?
Skinnies for the guys, too. His varsity jacket is trending for both men and women. Source.

  • Sneakers! If there’s one dramatic change from last visit, it’s the number and variety of sneakers. Converse – short and tall –  and slips-ons in quilted leather, and even old school Nikes with dresses and skirts. I like this youthful look and it makes great sense when you’re walking 3-5 miles a day on city streets.
It’s a fresh look and a change from the ever-present bootie. Source.
  • One jumpsuit. That’s all. On a very tall, slim, gorgeous woman who may have been a model. She rocked it. Maybe jumpsuits are all over Uptown.
  • Mini skirts. Lots of very short skirts, made wearable with the addition of tights and leggings. These are mostly on the 25-and-under crowd, and they carry them off beautifully. Not for moi
Lots of leather seen around town, too. I need about six more inches on the hemline. Source

  • Oxfords. This might be my favorite trend. They look dressier than sneakers and are comfortable for city walking. I have a pair on my wish-list for Winter.

Why not go bright? These are Marc by Marc Jacobs

Anything here flip your switch?

Have a fun-filled day and stay fabulous,

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  1. Ever since moving away from the Bay Area, it seems with every visit I ride BART in San Francisco and see a bevy of absolutely gorgeous (intelligent-looking, strong, and creative) women wearing interesting outfits and carrying things for their interesting hobbies. I miss the people-watching there!

    For some reason Newport Beach is similarly moneyed but people here wear utterly trashed-looking stuff all the time.

    Personally, I dig slim fit jeans on the lads. Whoo-ee. And socially acceptable sneakers worn everywhere? Sign me up!

  2. I love oxfords and converse and short skirts and wore at least two out of the three while I was in NY this year. I don't usually see many people wearing anything too noteworthy in the neighbourhood I stay in, so I look forward to the Vintage Show and other venues where people are more creative with their outfits.

  3. So happy you're having so much fun in such an amazing town! Good to know I'm not as out of it as I often feel! Dan just had me pick up two pair of skinnies for him at Old Navy, so that's all good! I'm having some luck with mini's here … of course they're not minis on me! I don't often get an advantage being so short, but once in a great while I get a perc!

  4. Great trend report and yes NY is a feast for the fashion obsessed eye…

  5. Most of it flips my switch. Then again, I may have an electrical short in my switch. LOL

    I just picked up some plaid leggings! I've been eyeing them for a while and finally succumb to the urge.

    Of course I love Oxfords and I do *wish* I could wear Keds or Converse or anything remotely like that without them killing my feet. I have to wear Nike running shoes…so far I haven't figured out how to wear them so I look stylish. I figure I need to add 6 inches to my frame and remove 20 lbs. But then…anything would look good really.

    I really love the image of the gal with the pleather jeggings and oversized sweater.


  6. I cannot help it. I am not yetnto sneakers with pencil skirts. With trousers OK, but skirts… i will leave that to younger girls. I have to watch my tights though. I usually wear skin coloured very thin hold ups. But that can look very dowdy.

  7. All that grey and black is definitely not my scene. Yes to jumpsuits though! xxx

  8. Oxfords ftw! I may be acquiring as big a collection of oxfords as I have Chucks, and we both know that's saying something. See, some women are all about the ballet flats, but I'd trade all of mine in a hot second for more oxfords!

  9. Ha, I own a couple of jumpsuits, but I don't wear any of the other items you've highlighted, so I would clearly be a fish out of water in downtown New York! Somehow, I don't think it would stop me enjoying a visit (if only…!) Xxx

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